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Subaru will be introducing a new plug in hybrid to its lineup later in 2018.


Subaru is working with Toyota to bring the new car to the US.  Subaru and Toyota are partners in many projects, like the Subaru BRZ/Toyota FRS twins, and have worked together for years.  Subaru will be using the plug in hybrid technology from Toyota’s Prius Prime.


The car should have the 8.8dWh lithium-ion battery, and will also use the electronically controlled CVT.  But it will have a Subaru engine, which will be mounted longitudinally, compared to the Toyota models that are mounted transversely.


It’s expected to be able to travel somewhere around 25 miles strictly using battery power.


The new plug-in model, and all Subaru models are available in the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts market at our recommended Subaru dealership, Anchor Subaru in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.