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photo-of-saccucci-building-front-655a8296“I just bought a new Honda Pilot EX-L with sensing after shopping around and talking to many dealerships. Saccucci Honda was truly wonderful to work with. They made purchasing my new car a pleasure (and did not ask me to write this AT ALL or know I am writing it). I just want to share! I went to a different dealership planning to close on a car since I bought my last one there and it was a good price (wasn’t an easy experience though last time) and I stressed that I wanted Honda Sensing. I was told the vehicle did have lane navigation (which I learned is only a part of Honda sensing and doesn’t have all the safety features). That dealership was also charging more. Saccucci Honda came up online. When I called and specified what I wanted before even driving down to Middletown, Barbara gave me the exact price including registration and tax with no gimmicks for the EX-L Pilot. I asked her to put it in writing and she texted me so I could see it before driving. Gayle the saleswoman took me on a test drive and explained all details. When I asked if there was a difference between Honda Sensing and lane navigation, Michael Meyer (mgr) was honest, explained the differences and was able to get a car for me in a color I liked at a great price. I’ve never dealt with a Honda dealership with a more honest and helpful manager than Saccucci with Michael Meyer. Buying from them was like buying from caring family members. He went out of his way to help as did Gayle. This was a first out of all of my car buying experiences over the years.”