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Highest totals for pre-owned vehicles among all area dealerships.

Saccucci Honda has broken their all time pre-owned vehicle sales record with over 50 retail sales.  That puts Saccucci Honda first among area dealers for pre-owned sales.

Mike Meyer, General Sales Manager said that this was a testament to his managers and sales staff, and the process at Saccucci Honda.

“Our Pre-Owned Manager, Casey Martin has done an outstanding job finding just the right pre-owned vehicles for our customers, and also getting them serviced and reconditioned so that they’re ready for our customers who demand excellent quality at a fair price”.

Casey Martin added “Finding the right pre-owned vehicles is a demanding task, but it pays off in the satisfaction of our loyal customers.  We carefully examine every vehicle before deciding if it’s one we want on the Saccucci Honda lot.  We have a reputation to live up to, and we won’t risk that by buying shoddy cars.  They have to meet the Saccucci’s standard.”

Meyer continued “We have customers coming from all over Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass because of our reputation, and our one price selling.  We put a low “pre-negotiated” price one every pre-owned vehicle, and that was there’s no haggling necessary.  Just come in, pick the car you like, and the discounted price is already on it.  As we always say, the best deal made easy. ”

“And July was another milestone for us.  It was our 40th anniversary with the Honda Brand. We started in July of 1978, when Honda had just the Civic and the Accord.  The model line has grown exponentially since then, but the Civic and Accord are still strong sellers, and are both in the top ten for all cars sold in the US.”

About Saccucci Honda

Saccucci Honda was founded in 1950 by the late Michael Saccucci, and is now run by his wife Cora, and their two daughters Carol Saccucci and Barbara Saccucci Radenbach.  The general sales manger is Mike Meyer, who is Michael Saccucci’s grandson.  They have been an official Honda dealership since 1978.