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Michaud Auto Body

Michaud Auto Body was founded in 1948 by Lucien “Mitch” Michaud in a 5 stall garage on the corner of Privilege and Roland streets in Woonsocket, RI. Over the next 23 years, Mitch built his business on the premise that every customer should get “all that they paid for…and then some”

In 1972, Lucien A “Mitch Jr” joined his dad and followed in his footsteps, insisting on quality repairs, superior service and that little “and then some” that his dad had started. Mitch Jr. took over the reins of the business in 1984 and by 1990 had constructed a 4 stall addition, doubling capacity. It soon became evident that more room was needed. As land became available, a second addition was built in 2003, nearly tripling capacity.Michaud-Auto-Body-Building

Today, Michaud Auto Body occupies the same corner on Privilege and Roland Streets in Woonsocket. They provide the same excellence of repair and personal customer attention. And that tradition of “all that they paid for…and then some” that Mitch Sr. had promised all those years ago is still proudly honored…”and then some”!