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Hyundai of Newport, Hyundai Dealer Rhode Island

2018 Hyundai Ioniq

Google Assistant functionality for Hyundai is available via the Google Home unit. Once linked with Hyundai’s Blue Link, owners can use the Google Assistant to send commands to their vehicle, such as “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to start my Santa Fe and set the temperature to 72 degrees”, “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to send the address of the Mandarin Oriental, in Las Vegas to my Sonata”, and “Ok Google, ask Blue Link to lock my car.”

“Our customers are finding smart home integrations like the one we are showcasing with Google Home to be very useful and convenient,” said digital business planning and connected operations head Manish Mehrotra. “We will continue to add layers of convenience to the Blue Link connected car system and our cars, making features like remote EV charge management, remote locking, temperature and remote start easier than ever while sitting on the couch and saying ‘Ok Google’.”

Hyundai products are available at Hyundai of Newport in Middletown, Rhode Island