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2017 Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt, which will be the first mass market electric vehicle has been rated at 238 miles per charge, and will be in Chevrolet dealerships in late 2016. It’s closest competitor, the Tesla Model 3 is widely anticipated to have a range closer to 215 miles when it goes on sale sometime in 2017.

The Bolt will be priced around $37,500 which should be nearly identical to the price point for the Model 3, which currently has about 400,000 pre-orders. Most Bolt owners will also qualify for the federal $7500 tax credit, which would bring the Bolt’s final price down to about $30,000, depending on options.

The Bolt is the first practical electric car that the average consumer can afford. Up to this point, the high priced Tesla models were the only electric vehicles that had the range necessary for most consumers, but with an average transaction price being around $100,000, they’re out of the range of all but the most well heeled customers.

By using lightweight materials and the latest generation batteries, GM engineers were able to break through the 200 mile range target that’s been long considered the minimum for a practical, electric daily driver.  And by placing the batteries in a layer below the floor, they’ve increased both passenger and cargo area.  This also allows for a lower center of gravity which aids in handling.

We think the Bolt is a game changer.  The combination of extended range, sharp styling and roomy interior, all combined into one vehicle priced like the average sedan, should make this one of the hottest products GM has had in many years.  Get on your local dealer’s list early, because it’s going to get very long.

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