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AutoIntelligence in Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass

AutoIntelligence provides automotive information, research and recommendations to consumers in Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass. AI is a useful go-to resource featuring extensive information to those in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, repairs, auto body, financing, recalls, the latest industry news and trends, and more. We provide research and make recommendations based on the most current and credible information available. AI works with automobile manufacturers and local dealers along with consumer groups and even individual consumers. We have done our own extensive research in the RI market to find reputable new and used dealerships, the best vehicles, recommended collision and repair shops, and much more.

Beginning in 2013, AI has been working more closely with consumers, making our Intelligent Choiceâ„¢ list public for the first time. These recommended vehicles are listed by category, and include cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans.

For pre-owned vehicle purchasers, we’re not leaving you to navigate the difficult process of buying a pre-owned vehicle by yourself. In a 2012 study, AI found that dealership reputation was the most important factor when it came to selecting where you’ll be purchasing your car. As a result, AI has recently completed a thorough process of evaluating the hundreds of pre-owned dealers in the Rhode Island/Southeastern Mass area, to identify the top 10%, based on a 15-point test of fair business practices and customer satisfaction. More details can be found on the “Recommended Pre-Owned Dealers” page.