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2018 Honda Civic Presentation


2018 Honda Civic: Interview of Mike Meyer from Saccucci Honda by John Colletto from AutoIntelligence.

John: Mike, a lot of folks are considering the 2018 Honda Civic,  they’re done it again. What do you think makes the Honda Civic so in enormously popular and successful?


Mike: I really think what makes it so successful and popular is that they’ve done it so well for so long and they really have just made small but really impressive improvements to the vehicle for 2018.  Starting with the Civic LX, the vehicle is actually a bit longer than it’s been in the past, so it’s a little bit bigger. It’s a lot of more comfortable ride. This year it comes standard on the LX model with Bluetooth, backup camera, and a lot of safety features.  ABS brakes and electronic brake distribution really help in the winter conditions outside. and then all the way up to the Civic Touring model has also changed and increased a lot more creature comforts than we’re used to seeing.


John: And even in the base LX you can get up to 40 miles per gallon for under 20 grand!


Mike: Yeah, it’s amazing you’re starting with the six speed manual transmission even going into the CVT transmission you still Average 40 miles a gallon which is fantastic these days.


John: Let’s start with the base LX.  Take us up the trim levels.


Mike: Sure.  Starting with the base LX, Honda really does give you a lot of bang for your buck. You get Bluetooth you get back up camera you get LED daytime running lights and then moving up to the EX. This is where it gets a little bit different.   Honda offers two different engine sizes of the EX.  They offer of the 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and they also offer the 1.5 L turbo the differences are with the two liter LX you still get alloy wheels, sunroof, Apple CarPlay, an upgraded stereo system, which is great, and Honda lane watch.  Along with smart key entry. Just all fantastic, and still at a very reasonable price point.  Shifting to the 1.5 L turbo get the better turbo engine which gives them more power with the same fuel-efficiency, it also offers you heated seats and remote start will just a fantastic value at 1.5 L turbo price.


John: And that’s just going up one step to the EX


Mike: Exactly.  There’s a few more models to go up yet. When you go to the EX-L, you’re adding leather seats and XM radio.  Then we move on to the touring model, which is the top-of-the-line for the Honda Civic and this is still a price point of under $28,000. You’re really getting all the creature comforts you’d expect in a full-size sedan, in a compact sedan. You’re getting a navigation system, rear heated seats, rain sensing windshield wipers, some chrome accents along the vehicle as well, which just makes the car pop and you can tell that it’s a higher, more luxury model than what the normal Civic comes with.


John: And I notice, just looking at the front grilles, they’re,  very very similar but the headlights are different from the base to the touring.


Mike: Yes, for sure. yet when you talk about the LX headlights you notice that there are LED daytime running lights which is great for the people on coming know that you’re still operating a vehicle and you look at the touring model you get not only LED daytime running lights but you also get LED low and high beams which are fantastic for visibility up your Northeast.


John:  And I see when you get a touring you get the fog lights.


Mike: You also get LED fog lights, again a great feature to have up here in the Northeast of all the weather we get.


John: Mike, there’s so much terrific safety technology but if somebody wants just the LX but watch that safety suite are they kind of forced to go up and trim level to get it


Mike: No, they actually don’t have to John. Hondas offered the ability to add the Honda sensing package which gives you adaptive cruise control collision mitigation system-that’s what stops you from hitting the vehicle in front of you if you were to be distracted. It also gives you land keeping assist, as well as road departure mitigation, so that if some medical emergency were to occur and that all can be added to any model, starting at the LX.  Individually, we can add it to the EX, the EXL and it comes standard here with the Touring package.


John: Mike, we’re looking at two Civic sedans, the base and the touring but the story of the Civic doesn’t in here does it?


Mike: No it doesn’t. Honda still offers the traditional Honda Civic Coupe, which is the two door version.  It’s a little more sporty for those people that maybe don’t have kids or that are older and just enjoy driving to coupe,  that’s still available. Honda also introduced the Honda Civic hatchback for 2017 and has continued that an 18. Basically, with the hatchback version is this is the same four-door Civic we’re used to seeing here but the back end of its bumped out and got quite a bit more cargo space,  and they’ve also made it a little bit more sporty so that it’s got more of a stance out there on the road.  They also continue to offer the Honda Civic performance hatchback which is the Type-R version, that is the 305 hp Honda Civic it’s me just a ton of waves out there and continuing they also still offer the Honda Civic SI in both the two and four door versions as well.


John: It’s funny that Honda would just look at a car like this that many people think it’s great a to b transportation and it sported it up the way they have.


Mike: Yeah, I think it’s really great they offer all these different ways of buying a Civic.  Whether you want the base model you don’t care too much about features, you just want to great gas mileage or whether or not you want to rocketship that is the Civic Type R. Either way the Civic fits your budget it fits your trim level and specifications. It’s really a great car no matter which direction you’re coming from.


John: And customers can get them all right here Saccucci.


Mike: Absolutely, we’ve got a bunch of Civics here in stock from the two doors to the four doors to the hatchback. Please come down and see us here on West Main Road.


The 2018 Honda Civic is available in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts from our award-winning Honda experts, Saccucci Honda.